Friday, October 29, 2010


I'm prepared. And psyched to give my speech today!
Thanks to Chris Dillon kicking me in the ass 8 days ago, I put nose to grindstone this week and practiced diligently. And probably rehearsed my speech in FULL at least 8 times, culminating with yesterday afternoon's inebriated dress rehearsal which went off without a glitch. To which I dragged Jimmy Wales, after enjoying a boozy, al fresco repast at Deep Water Bay. There's no doubt: alcohol helps! A lot! I say that unapologetically.
I'm already here at TED this morning. I wanted to see Jose -- and the gutsy and beautiful Annabelle Bond give the opening speech at 9 am. She inspired me when we rehearsed together with Chris the other week.

Can't breathe today? Buy some Fresh Air from Daniel Wu --

On a serious note, watch Professor Anthony Hedley explain how air pollution can cause permanent and short-term damage to child health,

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